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Quiz for Microsoft Word

1. A red wavy line under a word indicates that the word

is too long for the line of text.
is not in the dictionary file and therefore might be mispelled
s not appropriate for that particular sentence.
is a verb

2. The Assistant is

an application that allows yout o take notes and save them in a file.
an animated character that provides help and suggestions
a button on the standard Toolbsr that executes the Print command
a collection of frequently misspelled words in a dictionary file

3. A word processor is

an application
a powerful tool for editing documents.
a powerful tool for modifying the look of a document
All of the above are correct

4. Word wrap is

when a word is deleted because it is too long to fit on a line
when Word hyphenates a word at the end of a line
when Word determines if there is room for a word at the end of al ine or if it must go on the next lien
when he typist determines if there is room for a word at the end of a line or if it must go on the next line

5. To find and load a file that has been saved

select the Close command
select the New command
select the Save command
select the Open command

6. Selecting the Zoom command

opens a copy of the document in a different view.
prints a copy of the displayed document
changes the magnification of the displayed document
saves a copy of the displayed document

7. To end the current paragraph, space, and begin the new paragraph,

press Escape key once and the Enter key once.
press the Enter key twice.
press the Enter key once and the spacebar once.
press the ENter key once.

8. The arrow keys can be used to

delete text
move the cursor in the text that has already been entered
save the document
move the cursor while deleting text

9. Menus contain

commands that can be selected
default options
files that can be opened
programs that can be opened

10. Screen scroll is used to

add text to a document
decrease the length of a page.
increase the length of a page
bring hidden parts of a document into view.

11. To select a command from a menu, highlight the desired command and

press the Alt key.
press the Escape key.
click once

12. The Standard Toolbar

provides a list of pull-down menu names.
displays information about commands being selected
is used to execute commonly performed actions.
is used to bring hidden parts of a document into view.

13. If Word is not exited properly

an open document can be damaged or lost
the computer can be damaged
the disk can be erased.
the open document cannot be closed.

14. To insert a word into the middle of a sentence

move the cursor to the desired location in the sentence and type the new word.
move the cursor to the desired location in the sentence, press Enter key, and type the new word.
move the cursor to the beginning of the sentence and start typing.
retype the whole sentence.

15. To print a document

select the Print command and then select OK
select the Ready Printer command then select OK
type PRINT and then press Enter
close the document, select the Print command, then select OK

16. If a previously saved file is edited

the file must be saved again to store the changes.
the changes will automatically be saved in the file.
the file will only have eto be saved again if it is more than one page in length.
its name must be changed.

17. A document that has been saved is called a

process document.

18. To create a new document from the New Office Document dialog box

click on thte Word button and then select OK.
type in the file name and then select OK.
click on the Blank Document icon and then select OK.
click on the Cancel button and then start typing.

19. To keep a document from the computer's memory and place in a file

select the Save command
select the NEw command
click on the New Blank Document
click on the Open button on the Standard Toolbar

20. When a file is saved for the first time

a copy is automatically printed
it must be given a name to identify it.
it does not need a name
it only needs a name if it is not going to be printed

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